UpDesk Maple PowerUp Series III

By sood, July 18, 2016

When it comes to the UpDesk “fleet” of standing desks, the Maple PowerUp Series III is the flagship. But we’re talking about desks, so what does that really mean? Flagship is a nautical word, so let’s approach this in nautical terms. When an admiral chooses a flagship, he/she wants a ship with the perfect balance of flexibility and superior capability. Flexibility is important because the admiral never knows what the ocean’s going to throw at the ship. And superior capability is important because on the high seas, a ship that’s “okay” at everything but not great at anything just won’t cut it.

It’s the same way when you choose a desk. Most people spend 40 (or more) hours a week at their desk. And during that 40 hours, the desk gets used in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it’s a computer desk. Sometimes it’s a bookshelf. Sometimes it’s a dinner table, or even a chair! (You get the idea.) You want a desk that can do all of those things and can do them well.

UpDesk Maple PowerUp Series III

And that’s where the PowerUp comes in. First and foremost, the PowerUp is an office desk. And it’s the ideal office desk, because it’s got plenty of space for all of your office stuff. Your computer, your phone, your coffee mug, your pencil sharpener…. okay, no one uses pencil sharpeners anymore. But if they did, there’d be plenty of space for it. The modern office environment is a place where you need to be able to access any of your resources at any time. The PowerUp’s desktop features an ergonomic curve that lets you reach those tools quickly and efficiently.

Speaking of efficiency – a fresh, focused worker is going to be more efficient – it’s a given. And that’s where the PowerUp truly shines. Because it’s a powered sit-to-stand desk, you can adjust your desktop height in seconds. So if you’ve been sitting for a while and you find yourself losing a little focus, just push the “up” button, raise your desktop, and stand up at your desk. You’ll find that it helps you re-focus. (And it’s healthy, too.)

Like we said, the PowerUp is the UpDesk flagship. It handles all of your office supplies, it makes you more efficient, no matter how you’re using it. Oh, and as far as a dinner table, the high-pressure laminate finish is great at resisting food stains. And did we mention using your desk as a chair? Well, the PowerUp has a 300 pound weight capacity, so odds are that if you wanted to, you could sit on it, too.

To learn more about the Maple PowerUp Series III, visit www.myupdesk.com.

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