Standing is a Start, Walking the Next Step

By sood, May 17, 2017

Standing at work is a practical way to make your life a bit healthier. But standing by itself won’t solve all your health woes; no, in fact, too much standing is related to health risks like knee, back, and neck pain. That’s because, like sitting, when you’re standing you still aren’t moving during the day.

Movement is key to keeping our bodies and minds in the best shape possible. It’s a problem our evolutionary ancestors had no issue with as they daily stalked the savannahs of Africa in search of food, but it’s one our sedentary office culture just can’t seem to avoid. We sadly spend the majority of our days with derriere glued to the chair.

That’s why many health experts recommend incorporating walking into your day as an effective health solution for the time you spend at work. Not only does walking keep your metabolic rate high (burning more calories during the day), but it improves your mental focus by activating both your body and mind together. Start walking at work and you’ll find yourself more mentally agile and productive than ever.

Enter the Treadmill Desk

And yes, we know you’re probably thinking of a host of objections like, “I’m too busy, how am I supposed to find time to walk during the day?” Not to worry, that’s where integrated treadmill desk workstations come into play – and they’re here to stay.

These innovative and ergonomic workstations keep you working while you walk, for minimal disruption during your day, and a maximum boost in productivity. Tucking right under your desk, they allow you to walk without ever leaving the office. Just a short period of getting used to, and you’ll be up and running (err, walking) in no time. 

And if you’re wondering, “How am I going to walk and concentrate at the same time?” – rest assured, many individuals in corporate and home office settings all around the world are already using treadmill desks.

In fact, treadmill desk users find their most mentally taxing tasks during the day are best done on treadmills, when they reach a state of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT, as the specialists call it) where mental acuity is at its peak. For this reason among others, treadmill desking is most popular among lawyers, accountants, and writers who have high volumes of mentally demanding work on a daily basis. But walking while working can benefit anyone who sits in an office chair.

iMovR Cascade Treadmill Desk


A prime example of one of these state-of-the-art workstations is the iMovR Cascade Treadmill Desk. It is very easy to set up in your office, and takes up little space. Sliding under your desk, the treadmill portion protrudes not much farther than an office chair would so you likely won’t need to clear any extra space.

The Cascade includes the first ever treadmill truly designed for walking at a desk, unlike competitor products that are simply converted-over pieces of gym equipment. And it incorporates iMovR’s patented keyboard tray design, the SteadyType, which tilts to keep your arms and wrists at ergonomically neutral angles for comfortable and productive typing while you’re walking. No need to worry about wrist and arm strain from pressing against your desk!

iMovR sells a host of accessories to go along with your treadmill desk including monitor arms (for keeping your screens at proper viewing height) and lubricant (for keeping your treadmill motor happy while you walk). Check out their store for more information.

Happy Walking!

All in all, if you’re a standing desk user ready to take your active workstation to the next level, treadmill desking is your next step. It’s the best way to keep your body truly active while you work, and delivers you profound health and productivity benefits. Plus, treadmill desks are simple to adopt. It’s a walk in the park (only easier).

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