Standing is a Start, Walking the Next Step

May 17, 2017

Standing at work is a practical way to make your life a bit healthier. But standing by itself won’t solve all your health woes; no, in fact, too much standing is related to health risks like knee, back, and neck pain. That’s because, like sitting, when you’re standing you still aren’t moving during the day. […]

IKEA Motorized Standing Desk – BEKANT

February 6, 2017

IKEA has joined the standing desk revolution with a $499.00 electronically adjustable desk named BEKANT. You can adjust the height of the table top from 22″ to 48″, which should be sufficient for most users. Also, the desk is available in several colors, including: birch, black, and white. Already have this desk? Let us know what […]

UpDesk Maple PowerUp

UpDesk Maple PowerUp Series III

July 18, 2016

When it comes to the UpDesk “fleet” of standing desks, the Maple PowerUp Series III is the flagship. But we’re talking about desks, so what does that really mean? Flagship is a nautical word, so let’s approach this in nautical terms. When an admiral chooses a flagship, he/she wants a ship with the perfect balance […]